About Us

The Pediatric Sleep Center of Oklahoma has helped more than 3,000 children get a better night’s sleep. We evaluate and administer testing to children ages 0 to 21 in a specialized, child-friendly, clinical environment.

Why Pediatrics Matters

A person’s body and mind continuously develops all the way until his or her early 20s. Developing bodies and minds are delicate, have distinct biology and their own concerns. Specialized facilities are more likely to recognize and know how to address these unique factors. The Pediatric Sleep Center of Oklahoma is built specifically for this task.

Our Services

At our clinic, we administer testing called polysomnography. This is a comprehensive evaluation of your child’s brain waves, eye movements, respiration, heart rate, muscles, movements and overall activity at bedtime, during sleep and when waking. We compare these results to established baselines to evaluate your child’s needs. Our team has a rich background in sleep health and can make recommendations ranging from routine changes to specialist referrals to address your child’s unique situation.

Our Team

Sleep is a complex process that can be affected by many body systems. Our team of doctors and technicians come from a variety of backgrounds to ensure we can get a complete picture of your child’s situation. Every member of our staff is familiar with what children need to feel safe in a clinical environment.

Complete Care

We established our clinic to provide thorough pediatric sleep health testing and consulting on-site, rapidly incorporating new technologies and research as it arises. We firmly believe that our responsibility goes beyond simply taking measurements and interpreting results. We want to see children lead healthy, happy lives. Problems with sleep can ripple into other areas of your family’s life, and we will address all concerns you may have.

Designed with Kids in Mind

The more relaxed your child feels, the more accurate our studies can be. We have created a kid-friendly environment that can help your child feel more at home. A parent will always accompany a child for an overnight study, and we encourage you to bring small items from home to help your child’s stay comfortable. We also have age-appropriate toys, books, games and videos available to help your child settle in.

When your child is having trouble sleeping, come and meet the team that specializes in his or her needs. Call today or use our online contact form for more information.